Ankle Sprains

How many athletes have rolled or sprained an ankle? Answer? All of them. Ankle sprains are the most common injury in sports.  Usually accompanied by a pop, bruising, pain, and inflammation.  Injuries can take weeks to months to recover from depending on the severity. 

What we can do to help:


Ankle sprains ar awful because when you sprain them, it predisposes you to spraining them again and again and again.  Right away post-injury we will start actively rehabbing the ankle to prevent long term  stability or motion loss.  We will also rock tape the ankle to remove inflammation and get blood circulating back into the ankle to promote healing.   We will also start band work to re-train any proprioception or balance that was lost in the ankle with the injury.  Ankles treated with manual therapy recover faster, stronger, and with less long term negative effects than rest and ice alone.

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