The products I personally recommend and have for sale in my office. 

If you would rather purchase them on amazon, click the name to take you to its URL.

Acumobility Ball

Hands down my favorite tool for self-myofascial work


Foam Roller
Your basic foam roller. Nothing fancy.  This will do the job.

Exercise bands

The stretchy bands used in treatment and homework.  


Cupping Set

This is the set I use in my office and at home to do some self dynamic cupping.

Myofascial Instrument

This is a great affordable tool to use after workouts or just to help loosen up a muscle.

Not for sale in office but still recommended:

Bosu Ball

Great for ankle/knee/hip rehab


These are my favorite pillows and the ones I use.  Really any soft down or alternative down pillow works great.  Soft for back sleepers, firm for side sleepers