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Headaces and Neck pain

Headaches and Neck Pain 

Neck pain and headaches are the second most common cause of disability worldwide right behind low back pain. Neck pain can have a wide range of causes and symptoms from localized pain to a pain that radiates down into the back, shoulders, hands and fingers. Headache and migraine symptoms may be unique to each episode, but they all can still cause reduced focus at work or performance on the field.


- overuse

- everyday wear and tear

- poor posture

- injury or fall

- stress

Conditions that we treat

- disc Injuries

- sprain/strain

-- sports injuries

- arthritis

- concussions

- adhesions

What we can do to help:

Neck pain and headaches are not always easy to fix! Most cases have developed over time and require more than just a “quick fix.” Through complete functional movement screens, we can narrow down the exact problem and the exact tissues or joints that need to be fixed. Manual therapy, joint manipulation, therapeutic exercise, taping, or a combination of all four may be needed to fix your problem! Better diagnosis in our office, means better treatment, and better, faster results for you!

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