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Hip Pain

The hip is one of the more complex areas of the body. The joint itself moves through large range of motion and is designed to handle the heavy loads we put on it throughout the day.  When the hip joint is not moving the way it should, it can affect the low back and knee joints as well. Hip problems will often cause knee pain and low back pain before pain is felt in the hip.


hip pain


- trauma

- overuse

- degeneration

- weak stability muscles

Conditions we treat

- sprain/strains

- sciatica

- piriformis syndrome

- IT band syndrome

- tendonitis/tendinosis

- bursitis/arthritis

What we can do to help:

Most, if not all of things that go wrong with the hip usually have something to do with biomechanics and some muscles overworking while other muscles don't work. This can be do to adhesions, strains, trauma, or repetitive stress.  Adjustments have been shown to increase mobility and manual and instrument assisted adhesion release all help to increase mobility and get everything back to functioning normally. Rock taping in a functional pattern can also be a good tool in reminding your body to walk or sit correctly which can in turn place the body in a good position to recover.

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