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Knee pain

Knee Pain/Runner's Knee/Osgood Schlatter's

Nearly every muscle in the leg attaches somewhere around the knee. Every single muscle in the lower body affects the knee some way so as soon as any muscle has a problem in it the pain is often felt in the knee due to altered biomechanics.  Shooting pain with motion, squatting, running, and jumping are all common movements that can elicit knee pain.


- repetitive stress

- poor biomechanics

- acute trauma

Conditions we treat:

- strains/sprains

- poor biomechanics

- tendinitis

- runner's knee

- Osgood Schlatter's


What we can do to help:

My training as a Chiropractor has made me great at identifying which muscles are not working as they should be in everyday activities such as walking, running, sitting, or standing.  By doing this we can alter the way you do everyday activities to prevent the problem from getting worse while also treating the present conditions with adjustments, muscle release, and active rehabilitation.

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