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upper leg strain


- repetitive stress

- trauma

Quad/Groin/Hamstring Strains

The sprinter's worst nightmare.  More often than not these injuries often develop because of incorrect training or trauma. They are normally accompanied by a popping or a pulling feeling followed by an inability to put that muscle through normal ranges of motion.  Good news! These injuries are very treatable and there are always exercises and warm-up routines that you can add to your life to prevent future injuries.


Conditions we treat:

- Strains

- Contusions

- Muscle Crush

- Tendinitis

What we can do to help:

Strains and sprains and tendonitis often require time to heal.  This process can be aided with manual therapy, taping, and proprioception exercises.  Active rehabilitation started right away post-injury can reduce the overall long term negative effects of a strain or sprain or muscle crush injury.  

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