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Shin Splints

Shin Splints

The thorn in the side of multi-sport athletes.  Shin splints are a repetitive stress injury and require time to heal.  They often present during exercise and have a trademark sharp shooting pain down the shin. They often develop as a result of changing playing surfaces, old shoes, or breakdown of proper form while training.  


- repetitive stress

- old shoes

- improper running form

- change of playing surface

What we can do to help:

Time is really the only thing that heals shin splints but we often do not have the time to allow it to heal.  What I can do is  break up as many adhesions as I can to loosen up the muscles around the shin and tape it.  This relieves pressure and can help promote healing. We can also work on some proprioception to get the shin stronger so it can withstand more stress before breaking down. 

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