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Shouder pain

Shoulder pain

Shoulder issues can be caused by a multitude of problems. It is one of the most complex joints in the body. Pain can present in multiple ways with the cause of the problem often being in an entirely diffferent region of the shoulder. Symptoms are more often than not a general dull pain accompanied by a sharp pain with a certain specific movement.  "Clicking" and "popping" are often other common symptoms as well.  Many patients often present with a specific range of motion loss as well.


- overuse

- everyday wear and tear

- poor posture

- prolonged abnormal position

- injury or fall

Common conditions that we treat

- adhesive capsulitis

- tendinitis/tendinosis

- adhesion/scar tissue buildup

- bursitis

- impingement

What we can do to help:

Shoulders injuries can be very easy or very difficult to diagnose the true problem.  Detailed history and knowledge of everyday activities can be more useful than the actual pain itself. Having one single muscle spasm out in the shoulder can affect the tracking and movment of  any other muscle and more often than not it ends up being the secondary muscle that experiences pain. Palpation skills and muscle tests often enable me to find what is the root cause and attack it with various soft tissue release techniques as well as taping it to keep it feeling supported post-treatment.

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