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TMJ pain


- overuse

- everyday wear and tear

- poor posture

- prolonged abnormal position

- injury or fall

- stress

- tight cervical muscles

- abnormal biting motion

- clenching teeth

TMJ Pain

TMJ Pain otherwise known as Temporomandibular Disorder or TMD, is a debillitating jaw disorder that can be caused by poor tracking of the joint, muscle spasms, or jaw closing abnormalities. It can have a wide variety of symptoms such as clicking with movement, pain in the cheeks, tension headaches, painful vision, and lockjaw.  

Common conditions that we treat

- spasmed facial muscls

- upper cervical strain/sprain

- incorrect joint pathing

- concussions

- adhesions


Conditions we refer out for or co-manage

- abnormal bite closure

- nocturnal teeth grinding 

- tooth pain-induced muscle contracture

- jaw trauma or ligament damage

What we can do to help

.TMD can be an extremely complex diagnosis which in the end may have multiple causes.  What Dr. Josh can do is treat the musculature around the TMJ joint in hopes of releasing the spasm which will in turn correct the joint motion.  He will also adjust the spine because 70% of TMD cases have are related to the spine. He can also show rest positions and exercises that you can do when you feel the TMJ episode coming on to try and lessen the severity of it. We can also refer out to orthodontists to help correct jaw and biting mechanics and to make a mouthguard for while you sleep..

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