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carpal tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

Carpal tunnel is an often misdiagnosed and mis-managed condition where patients report numbness and tingling in their hands, weakness, and loss of range of motion. 


Wrist Sprains

Wrist, hand, or thumb sprains are usually acute in nature and are excellent candidates for conservative care.  They occur with trauma and present with bruising, loss of range of motion, and weakness.


- repetitive stress

- acute trauma

- office work

- machine work

- extended computer use

Common conditions that we treat

- carpal Tunnel 

- dequarvains stenosing tenosynovitis

- acute sprain

- muscle spasms

What we can do to help:

The wrist has many joints and it is easy for any one of them to become inflamed or lose natural range of motion.  Restoring the range of motion will greatly improve the pain level, usually right away.  Acute wrist sprains can be treated with light muscle release, some range of motion exercises, and some functional taping.  These few things have been shown to increase recovery rate and get you back to normal faster as compared to simply resting the joint.

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