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Elbow pain

Elbow Injuries

Elbow injuries are typically overuse injuries found in sports like tennis and golf as well as in occupations like machine or office work.  Thy can also be acute injuries resulting from trauma and be hyper extended or hyper flexed. Chronic elbow injuries are often accompanied by dull pain, a restricted feeling, and possible numbness or radiating pain.  



- repetitive stress

- acute trauma

Conditions we treat


- golfer's elbow

- tennis elbow

- neuropathy

- sprain/strains

What we can do to help:

Elbow pain related to muscles such as golfers/tennis elbow respond greatly to manual tissue release.  By freeing up the forearm muscles, we allow the joint to move freely which usually takes the pressure off of the nerves.  Sprains and strains can be helped with a combination of e-stim, light  muscle release work, and taping to increase the recovery time of the joint.  

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